Port Antonio –Jamaicas Secret Eden Port Antonio; Jamaicas enchanting, untouched, island hideaway.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is nestled in 7 acres of lush, organic tropical gardens 200 metres above sea level just outside Port Antonio on Jamaica’s north eastern coast.

The timeless tranquil charm of Jamaica’s Port Antonio or ‘Porty’ has made it a favourite holiday spot for celebs since Errol Flynn first washed up off the nearby Navy Island in a storm. He said “Port Antonio is more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever known” In the 1960s Port Antonio attracted the jet set and today stars including Shakira, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Katy Perry still flock to Port Antonio, Jamaica’s secret Eden.

The hotel’s hilltop location affords stunning panoramic vistas of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, whilst overlooking the quaint town of Port Antonio and her beautiful natural double harbour, described as being ‘the most exquisite port on earth’, spectacular by day and romantic by night, and the Caribbean Sea. The hotel’s elevated location ensures that you can enjoy gentle cooling breezes, a welcome alternative to resort air-conditioning and the peace and quiet that being a few kilometres outside of the main town brings. Our eco-chic hideaway, is just a 5 minute drive away from Jamaica’s most beautiful and romantic beach, Frenchman’s Cove. Should you not have your own car we can arrange transportation for you.

Your Home in Jamaica Hotel Mockingbird Hill, an intimate, charming 10-room hideaway nestled between the majesty of Jamaicas Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea provides the perfect combination of relaxation, romance, discovery, adventure, and sustainability and is renowned for exceptional service.

Serene, secluded Mockingbird Hill offers a wonderful combination of the warmest of welcomes. This eco-boutique hotel is a haven of simplicity and style with the charming air of a peaceful, private home. Less formal than a corporate hotel this hideaway offers a contemporary, relaxed atmosphere, glorious gardens and heavenly, panoramic vistas, underlined with a commitment to sustainability. Enjoy simple, laid back elegance, authenticity and old fashioned traditional charm at Hotel Mockingbird Hill, the perfect place to unwind and savour ‘la dolce vita’- Jamaican style.  

With just 10 rooms, we are able to lavish our guests with personalized attention and cordial service. You can depend on our friendly staff for the perfect balance of privacy and attention. Hotel Mockingbird Hill is your home in Jamaica. With its serene setting and wide open spaces offering mesmerising views, the hotel is an idyllic escape from the pressures of today’s hectic lifestyles allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life: breathtaking sunsets, flitting hummingbirds in the garden, nature’s nocturnal concert highlighted by glimmering fireflies whilst sitting on ‘The Perch’ or on your balcony.

Intimate boutique properties provide an opportunity for a holiday experience in our new reality of living with COVID-19 as they allow you to enjoy a non-restrictive, safe vacation with much more space and privacy whilst meeting your health and wellbeing standards. Despite travel bans having been lifted, we believe in responsible and safe travel and will adhere to the recommended protocols. This is easy at an intimate retreat like Mockingbird Hill. You are likely to have the pool to yourself and can enjoy the perch on your own to enjoy the sunsets. All our public spaces are open air. The expansive gardens provide plenty of opportunities to retreat and relax.  

We provide a very personalized service experience and our team can quickly adapt to guests and anticipate their wishes. There are no queues at the buffets for meals or other large congregations of people. Everything is individual with plenty of space.

Value is important and we have addressed this as well. With our new operational model (no full restaurant and bar) we offer excellent value and still provide the opportunity for guests to enjoy their meals on property by teaming up with a young, local chef. Keelie’s Kitchen offers a delicious Jamaican menu. With these changes, we can offer the best value and still provide a customised and enjoyable holiday experience.  

Hotel Mockingbird Hill was created by innkeepers Jamaican Barbara Walker and Shireen Aga. Both have travelled extensively and have experienced the negative effects of tourism that has not taken environmental and social responsibilities into consideration. Therefore they chose to operate an eco-boutique hotel reflecting their personal beliefs. They felt that it was important not just to lobby for change towards a sustainable lifestyle, but to actually walk the talk and offer a personalized experience, providing responsible comfort, not luxury at any cost: a simpler form of luxury, quality and authenticity, supporting local economies, contributing to our communities, reducing our environmental footprint and making tourism a positive force for change.

Angela is our wonderful manager and she is supported by our loyal team who work hard to ensure that you have a wonderful and memorable stay with us. We look forward to welcoming you you as friends, and through our community connections, we will ensure that you have an authentic and uniquely Jamaican experience during your stay.