It is with a heavy heart that we had to close our doors last March. Finally, with vaccination programs being rolled out in all countries, we are happy to re-open again.  

As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease, the Team at Mockingbird Hill has been considering how we can best adjust to the new health and safety requirements and still provide a highly personalized holiday experience. 

As the world begins to gradually reopens, we would like to welcome guests interested in exploring and discovering the many natural attractions of Jamaica away from the main tourist resort areas. We understand that in these difficult times,  there are challenges for travelers and recognize that you will understandably have a heightened awareness for your health and safety especially when it comes to your choice of accommodations.

Our team is focused on adapting to meet the needs of all our visitors. Our efforts must ensure the wellbeing of our customers, our team, and the community of which we are part.

We have therefore decided to change our services and amenities to address the concerns of guests and ( delete : will be reopening our doors with)  have adjusted our services that to minimize contact between guests and associates while maintaining customer service. We can provide a very personalized service experience as guests see the same few staff every day and the staff can quickly adapt to guests and anticipate their wishes. 


Intimate boutique properties provide an opportunity for a vacation experience that eliminates all the stress involved in being in a new environment with strangers, which is important during the COVID-19 situation and will continue to be so, while meeting your health and wellbeing standards. You can enjoy a non-restrictive, safe vacation with the exclusive rental of the facilities as a private villa providing you with much more space and privacy without other guests.

Value is becoming increasingly important and we want to address this aspect as well. With the reduced service ( only pre-ordered Continental breakfast, which we can also provide as a packed breakfast-to-go), we can offer excellent value and also minimize personal contact.

With these changes, we can easily comply with the best health practices and still provide our guests with an outstanding vacation experience while protecting their health. Mockingbird Hill has developed a detailed reopening plan with all the protective measures recommended by the health authorities.

Even after travel bans are lifted, Maintaining a healthy physical distance from others is easy in an intimate retreat like Mockingbird Hill. You are likely to have the pool to yourself and can enjoy the perch on your own to enjoy the sunsets. 

All our public spaces are open air. 

The expansive gardens provide plenty of opportunities to retreat and relax. ( Insert garden images here )

There are no queues at the buffets for meals or other large congregations of people. Everything is individual and very personalized with plenty of space. Of course, we believe in responsible and safe travel and will adhere to the recommended protocols. 

Enjoy peace of mind.

We believe this is in everyone’s best interest and is also reassuring for our staff.



Your Home in Jamaica

Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio is a very special retreat located on a hillside on Jamaica’s northeast coast, between the majestic Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, this intimate, charming hideaway is set amongst some of Jamaica’s most stunning natural scenery. 

Mockingbird Hill is a place where guests are invited to ditch the holiday clichés and connect with the real Jamaica. Mockingbird Hill is a 10 room sanctuary offering a casual, elegant setting, glorious gardens, and panoramic vistas and is only minutes from the romantic Frenchman’s Cove Beach.

Insert images of Beach and the panoramic views of the Blue Mountains 

The COVID-pandemic has taught us to appreciate and reconnect with the most essential values, with ourselves and our families, with nature, and with the simple things in life. Now we appreciate that we have the opportunity and privilege to travel – not with strangers and large groups but with ourselves and those we truly care about. Importantly, for the safety and wellbeing of everyone, Mockingbird Hill offers a secluded and safe opportunity to get away, disconnect and relax. There are numerous locations in the garden, around the pool and living areas – all perfect for sunbathing, reading or just chilling. This is the place to slow down and discover unassuming, simple luxury.

Tranquil and serene, Mockingbird Hill is a haven of traditional charm, laid back comfort, authenticity and sustainable life-style. The décor is understated and inviting. Fully embracing the sustainable lifestyle, all the furnishings are locally made. 

There are no televisions and telephones to disturb the peace and the sound of birdsong and the breeze wafting through the trees, but fast and free Wi-Fi keeps you connected.

Unwind and savour ‘la dolche vita’- Jamaican style.

Mockingbird Hill has been certified by the local tourism authority TPDCo as COVID-compliant with approved cleaning protocols & disinfectant standards. In order to ensure the highest health and safety standards, we have amended our services and offer online check-in and provide helpful information digitally prior to your arrival.


Per new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all guests traveling back to the United States and the UK will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of their departure from Jamaica. The negative test is required to board the departing plane back to the United States and the UK. This goes into effect January 18th (UK) and 26th (US), 2021.

To ensure a smooth process for our guests, we have arranged for on-site testing (PCR or Antigen) to be done at all of our Island Outpost properties by licensed medical professionals.

Upon booking your stay with us, please schedule your COVID-19 test in advance with the hotel directly. It should be within 72 hours of your departure out of the country, providing enough time to receive the test results, which can take 24-48 hours.

Please note a negative COVID-19 test is still required to enter Jamaica as well.

We’re here to provide minimal disruptions to your trip plans and an overall smooth experience. For additional information regarding the new guidelines, please refer to the FAQs below and your specific region’s protocols.

Can I get tested on-site at the hotels?
What test options are there?
PCR and Antigen.
What is the cost?
PCR Test: $230 per person
Must be scheduled in advance
Results are returned within 48 hours
Price of test is subject to change based on demand
Antigen Test: $75 per person
Must be scheduled in advance
Results are returned within 24 hours
Who will schedule the tests?
Guest Services will be in charge of arranging the tests. Please contact the hotels directly to schedule it in advance.
How will I be charged?
The test will be charged to the guest’s final bill.


All international travelers must have a Travel Authorization obtained before departure.
Both the Travel Authorization and the Test Certificate must be valid on the date of arrival into Jamaica.
Travel Authorizations are valid for 10 days from the date of approval.
Effective March 4, 2021, all travelers to Jamaica, 12 years of age and over, regardless of nationality, will be required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test result to check in for a flight. The date of the sample collection must be within 3 days of the travel date to Jamaica.
Travelers on the VisitJamaica platform will no longer be required to upload their COVID-19 test certificates. They will however be required to present the Negative or Not Detected Test Result and the usual Travel Authorization at the airport when they check in for their flight and again on arrival in Jamaica.
The test should be conducted within 10 days of the intended travel date at a medical laboratory that is accredited by the relevant national health authorities.
Antigen tests are more accessible, cost less and the results are available in a shorter period of time.
All Antigen tests approved by the World health Organization/Pan American Health Organization and the FDA, will be accepted. The Test Certificate is valid for 10 days from the date the sample was collected.
Antibody tests will NOT be accepted.
Results from home-based test kits will NOT be accepted.
Residents of Jamaica will continue to apply for their travel authorization on the Jamcovid site and are not subject to the pretesting requirement.
Flight schedules into and out of Jamaica may be impacted by COVID-related or other exigent circumstances. Travelers are advised to check directly with airlines for the latest scheduling and booking information.
Face coverings are mandatory to wear in public places.
Jamaica currently has an all-island curfew due to COVID from 8pm to 5am. Please visit the Embassy of Jamaica in the United States website for the latest updates on hours.
Visitors are now allowed to do split stays within the Resilient Corridors.
The Government is in discussions to implement a health services and logistics insurance plan that will be mandatory for visitors to Jamaica – targeting an effective date of 11/1/20. This plan will provide local medical care and air ambulance services where necessary for visitors who fall ill while in Jamaica.
For the most up-to-date information on inbound travel to Jamaica, including COVID-19 tourism protocols, please refer to official updates from the Jamaican Government:
Visit Jamaica
Jamaica Tourist Board website
Embassy of Jamaica in the United States