Your housekeeper/cook will prepare breakfast. Depending on the number of persons and weather, you can sit either on the porch, the open terrace – where ever you would like to enjoy it. There are a number of charming, local eateries at many of the local attractions such as mid-way down the river while rafting on the Rio Grande, or at Winnifred Beach or at Boston or Long Bay. We recommend that you try these out for lunch. For dinner we can make a reservation for you at one of the restaurants in the area on request.

Port Antonio: Jamaica’s enchanting, untouched, island hideaway.

Mockingbird Hill is located just outside Port Antonio on Jamaica’s northeastern coast, the island’s lush, untouched and enchanting island hideaway that provides a perfect combination of relaxation, romance, discovery, adventure and eco-tourism.  The timeless tranquil charm of Jamaica’s Port Antonio or ‘Porty’ has made it a favourite holiday spot for celebs since Errol Flynn first washed up off the nearby Navy Island in a storm. He said, “Port Antonio is more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever known”.  In the 1960s Port Antonio attracted the jet-set and today stars including Shakira, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Katy Perry still flock to Port Antonio, Jamaica’s secret Eden. Mockingbird Hill’s hilltop location affords stunning panoramic vistas of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, whilst overlooking the quaint town of Port Antonio and her beautiful natural double harbour, described as being ‘the most exquisite port on earth’, spectacular by day and romantic by night, and the Caribbean Sea. Mockingbird Hill’s elevated location ensures that you can enjoy gentle cooling breezes, a welcome alternative to resort air-conditioning and the peace and quiet that is a few kilometres outside of the main town brings. This casual, eco-chic hideaway, is just a 5-minute drive away from Jamaica’s most beautiful and romantic beach, Frenchman’s Cove

Beaches, Waterfalls & Coffee Plantations in Jamaica’s North East

The close-by white sandy beach Frenchman’s Cove, one of Jamaica’s prettiest coves, where you can you can enjoy the luxury of secluded dips in both a fresh water stream and the Caribbean Sea is just 5 minutes’ drive away. Close by is the rainforest clad ‘Reich Falls’ a series of limestone cascades with jade pools deep enough for diving, one of Jamaica’s most beautiful waterfalls. Hiking is recommended in the nearby Blue Mountains through coffee plantations and friendly rural hamlets all offering the experience & tastes of real Jamaica.

A Holiday to Escape and Unwind

Relaxation is the order of the day and the untouched beauty that surrounds you provides the perfect background to escape and unwind. Come to this natural paradise for a unique vacation experience and revel in Jamaica’s captivating and diverse landscapes and scenery and discover the island’s exceptional biodiversity. There are a range of activities for you to enjoy: bird watching, hiking, snorkelling, diving or you can just laze in your hammock and watch emerald green hummingbirds dart from flower to flower.