Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio is a very special retreat located on a hillside on Jamaica’s north-east coast, between the majestic Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, this intimate, charming hideaway is set amongst some of Jamaica’s most stunning natural scenery. Mockingbird Hill is a place where guests are invited to ditch the holiday clichés and connect with the real Jamaica. Mockingbird Hill is a 10 room sanctuary offering a casual, elegant setting, glorious gardens and panoramic vistas and is only minutes from the romantic Frenchman’s Cove Beach.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is nestled in 7 acres of lush, organic tropical gardens 200 metres above sea level just outside Port Antonio on Jamaica’s north eastern coast.

The timeless tranquil charm of Jamaica’s Port Antonio or ‘Porty’ has made it a favourite holiday spot for celebs since Errol Flynn first washed up off the nearby Navy Island in a storm. He said “Port Antonio is more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever known” In the 1960s Port Antonio attracted the jet set and today stars including Shakira, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford and Katy Perry still flock to Port Antonio, Jamaica’s secret Eden.